WorkloadIntelligence™ Analytics Application

"Provides deep insight into production workloads to optimize data center infrastructure and applications."

Developer Using Analytics

The Analytics application, part of OakGate's WorkloadIntelligence™ software suite, enables users to optimize their infrastructure and applications in high-performance, hyperscale environments through the analysis of imported workload traces (such as Linux block layer I/O traces). When operating the Analytics application, users can review and analyze I/O data and process identifiers (PIDs); evaluate advanced performance charts, which have detailed analytics and synchronization capabilities; and plot charts with an extensive selection of parameters for reads, writes, and trim I/Os.

The Analytics dashboard enables the user to create canvases of built-in or custom high-performance charts of various parameters. These charts can represent a range of hundreds of millions of data points to a single data point depending on the selected time range. This charting flexibility and depth provides an extraordinary insight into workload data never available before.

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Analytics Features

Analytics Screenshot
  • A list of events, process identifiers (PIDs), and I/O data of workload traces.
  • The ability to create custom, detailed filters based on event attributes using standard relational, and logical operators/expressions.
  • A quick search functionality on events by event attribute or I/O context.
  • Event bookmarks to easily locate specific events.
  • Detailed analytics and synchronization capability with the potential to calculate statistics on over 25 different workload trace attributes.
  • The flexibility to merge multiple traces, and analyze them as individual traces or a combined trace.
  • Infinite zoom capability on performance graphs.
  • The capability to produce a workload file that can be replayed in OakGate's SVF Pro / Enduro storage validation software.
  • The versatility to display multiple graphs in one window, separate windows, or a combined window.
  • The ability to save graph data as .csv files and graphs as .png files.

Analytics Dashboard Snapshot

The following screenshot shows several performance charts and features in the dashboard of the Analytics application.

Developer Using Analytics 

User Work Flow

The following graphic shows the user work fl ow of the Analytics application.

Developer Using Analytics