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  • Myce Uses OakGate Technology’s Highly Acclaimed Test Platform to Review Western Digital’s Blue SATA SSD

    Myce, a popular online community of technology professionals with over 3.5 million unique monthly visitors and over 450,000 members, is known for its insightful, in-depth reviews of industry leading products. Recently, Myce reviewed Western Digital’s Blue 3D one terabyte SATA SSD featuring a state of the art 64-layer 3D bit cost scalable (BiCS), triple level cell (TLC) NAND flash technology. The OakGate test platform was used exclusively to perform fresh out of the box (FOB) tests, as well as steady state tests.

    Myce has been a valued partner and for the last several years, we are delighted that they have placed their trust in the OakGate test platform to conduct thorough reviews of industry leading SSDs. The OakGate test platform has become the storage industry's most advanced and complete testing solution and been adopted by major customers worldwide as the “Gold Standard” for solid state storage testing.

    The comprehensive review included FOB tests that provide a highly consistent basis for comparing solutions. The sequence of tests began with a purge of the drive and executed all of the essential IO performance characteristics. Sequential read and write tests, as well as random read and write tests, were performed. Similarly, steady state testing was performed using the OakGate test platform. This included a battery of tests starting with Secure Erase commands to bring the drive to a FOB state, followed by 128K sequential writes until the drive reached twice its user capacity. For each test, Myce used OakGate test platform’s extensive graphing capabilities to plot bandwidth, I/Os per second (IOPS), latency and power consumption.

    You can read the full review by visiting the following link:

    OakGate Technology continues to invest in technology innovations that enables our customers to deliver cutting edge products in this rapidly expanding market. We sincerely thank you for your support!