​​​OakGate Gen5 ​Test Solutions Overview

The 5th generation of OakGat​e PCI Express test solutions bring significant improvements and benefits over Gen4 solutions. From overall system performance and memory to high slot density systems, Gen5 OakGate test solutions make it possible to do more testing in less time at a lower cost.​​​​


Here's what's new in Gen5: ​

​More OakGate Test Solution Choices

​​​For small and budget-conscious teams who do not require complex enterprise level testing and scalability - 
  • ​ DL100 Entry-level Models
    ​ ​

​​​​​​​​​DL100-G5 Appliance 
OakGate DL100-G5 Entry-level (shown)

​​​For small to medium test teams who do not need scalability - 
  • ​ R300 and DE200 Basic Models
​ ​​

​​​​​​​​ R300 Appliance 
OakGate DE200-G5-Pro (shown)
For medium to large test teams who need maxim​um performance and scalability - 
  • ​R300 and De200 Pro Models

OakGate R3000-G5-Pro​ (shown)

​​Improved Processing for Better Overall System Performance

The OakGate Gen5 test solution brings dramatic improvements in speed and ​processing power:​
  • NextGen Intel Xeon Chipset Performance
  • PCIe Gen 5 2x Performance over Gen4
  • Increased bandwidth with NextGen Memory DIMMs
R300 Appliance 


Inreased Memory Boots Performance 

Increased Memory for Smoother Operations

Increased m​emory across OakGate Gen5 test solutions allows for better, faster, and smoother operations.​

  •  Matching the Gen4 memory capacity for Gen5 Basic Appliances​​ 
  •  Doubling the memory capacity for Gen5 Pro Appliances
  • Next generation memory DIMMS deliver increased bandwidth
  • ​ Ensures smoother operation for large, complex test plans

Higher Slot Densities for Improved Efficiencies​

​ ​​

We've bumped up the number of slots availab​​le to improve testing speed and efficiency.  Higher densities save rack space and improve power efficiencies in the test center

  •  ​​Module density has doubled from 4 to 8 slots
  • Enclosure density has increased from 12 to 16 slots

OakGate 16-Bay Enclosure

​​R300 Appliance 

Increased DUT Support for Time/Cost Savings

Larger configurations can be tested with single appliance which helps reduce overall test time and testing costs.
  • ​Single R300-G5-Pro supports up to 48 DUTs
  • ​Single DE200-G5-Pro supports up to 24 DUTs

R300 Appliance 

R300 Appliance 

Full Modularity and Swappability for Complete Flexibility


OakGate Gen5 Test Platforms are fully modular and swappable. Modules are available to support ALL connector types.

  • ​Test a multitude of different connector types to meet all your SSD test demands
  • ​The 8-Bay Modules are designed to be easily swapped in/out by the customer

Support for ALL Connector Types and Form Factors for Ease of Use

OakGate Gen 5 test solutions support ALL connector types and form factors!

  • ​ 8-Bay Modules support U.2, M.2, U.3, E1.S, E3.S, E3.L (E1.L-ruler format-is supported in the 16-Bay Enclosure only)
  • ​ Customers can test two different connector types or form factors in one R300-G5 appliance

(Example only)​​​​)

Single/Dual-port software switching for U.2 and EDSFF SSDs

  • ​ For x4 drives – All eight (8) x4 drives are supported in single/dual port mode
  • ​ For x8 drives – all eight (8) x8 drives are supported in single port mode for E1.X and E3.X


EnhancedApplianceLEDConfig2.png ​

​Enhanced supportability with new Appliance LED configuration


OakGate Gen 5 test solutions support ALL connector types and form factors.

  • ​ Power on/off signal
  • ​ SSD activity signal
  • ​ Link status speed (8GTs to 32GTs indicators)
  • ​ i2c Mux signal 

​Enhanced Integrated Power Features for Convenience

  • Advanced power features are seamlessly integrated in OakGate Gen5 design (and SVF/Enduro)
  • No need for a separate power interposer which lowers cost
  • Simply use the exerciser to generate complex traffic patterns and test power features under stress


​​​Span DUT Lifecycle 

Inreased Memory Boots Performance 

Trigger Out Connector on Appliance Front Panel

OakGate Gen 5 test solutions support ALL​ connector types and form factors.

  • Coming Soon! -​ Connect directly to a LeCroy Analyzer for additional, in-depth PCIe/NVMe analysis

​​​​ ​