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SSD Testing Made Easy with Teledyne LeCroy​​​​​​​​​

October 2023​

Learn how Teledyne LeCroy can make SSD Testing easy!

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Solving Hard-to-Find Problems with Teledyne LeCroy Better Togethe​r Test Tools​​​​​​​​

June 2023​

Learn how to use Teledyne LeCroy Summit Analyzers and OakGate SSD Test Solutions TOGETHER to find and solve difficult issues and/or bugs.​​​

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Testing Solid-state Drives with the OakGate OCP Datacenter NVMe S​SD Compliance Suite​​​​​​​

April 2023​

Learn how to test Enterprise SSDs with Teledyne LeCroy's OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD Compliance Suite.​​​

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Testing Flexible Data Placement with OakGate SVF/Enduro​​​​​​​

March 2023​

Learn how OakGate's test software SVF/Enduro will help you test Flexible Data Placement SSDs.

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For Managed Service Providers - Business Case for Value-added Services With WorkloadIntelligence™​​​​​​​​

June 2022

Find out how Teledyne LeCroy's WorkloadIntelligence SaaS solution is helping Managed Service Providers provide value added services to fix customer's workload and/or system performance issues.​​

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Applying Zero Trust in the Supply Chain to Prevent DMA Attacks​​​​​​​

November 2021

We will look at how organizations can apply the core concepts of Zero Trust to mitigate their risk and prevent firmware based attacks such as DMA attacks.​

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The Benefits of Advanced SSD Testing with Epic Chambers​​​​​​

July 2021

Learn how Teledyne LeCroy's Epic Chamber SSD test solutions help our customers discover “hard to find” performance and functionality bugs that they can proactively act on.​

SSD Case Study 

Case Study: Determining Root Cause of a​ SSD Validation Test Failure​​​​​​

July 2021

Find out how our customer used Teledyne test tools to identify the issue causing a Directed Test failure on their SSD.

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Solving Production Workload Issues with WorkloadIntelligence DataAgent and Analytics​​​​​​

June 2021

DataAgent is a smart capture tool developed as a series of custom plug-ins that can capture different variants of production system and workload data in Data Center enviroments.


Testing Zoned Namespace SSDs with SVF Pro/Enduro​​​​​​

March 2021

OakGate's SSD Test Platforms running SVF Pro/Enduro has three options for testing Zoned Namespace (ZNS) – Exerciser, Directed Tests, Automation. Our ZNS feature requirements were developed with the inputs from a number of our current customers.


Data Center Refresh - Using Analytics to Make Informed Decisions​​​​​​

January 2021​

Planning, designing & characterizing Data Center production workloads is critical to the overall business success and efficiency for any Data Center operations team. Teledyne LeCroy’s OakGate WorkloadIntelligence™ Analytics provides deeper insight into what is happening at the system and storage layer to what DCs could get previously. This allows the DC to improve overall workload performance.

Deep Analyzer 

Deep Analyzer – Deep Insight into Solid-State Drive Issues and Problems​​​​​​​

December​ 2020​

Deep Analyzer is a patent-pending deep analysis solution that works in combination with Teledyne LeCroy’s OakGate SVF Pro/Enduro SSD validation platform. Deep Analyzer gives SSD validation engineers visibility into issues and failures that weren’t possible before by capturing hours/days of protocol analyzer trace data and validating the data is correctly stored and securely erased.​​

Analytics and SVF Pro – A Winning Combination 

Analytics and SVF Pro – A Winning Combination

September 2020​

Customers have long been familiar with OakGate SVF Pro and LeCroy Analyzer tools. Our new WorkloadIntelligence™ Analytics tool allows customers to derive even more benefit from their existing tools.

Because most tools report data as averages and histograms, some problems can be hard to identify and correlate. In addition, problems that span multiple layers can also be hard to identify and correlate. Analytics provides a means to deal with both of these issues. Teledyne LeCroy has developed a suite of advanced software tools called WorkloadIntelligence that delivers on the promise of providing analytics and replay capabilities for testing SSDs with real-world workloads

Real-World Workload Comparisons on Industry SSDs  

Real-World Workload Comparisons on Industry SSDs

June 2020

This white paper shows a comparative analysis of storage industry SSDs using Teledyne LeCroy WorkloadIntelligence™ Analytics application.

A datacenter workload, a Linux block trace provided by one of our Teledyne LeCroy hyperscale data center customers, was used for the comparative analysis. The goal for the comparative analysis was to see how other industry SSDs handle the same burst of latency I/Os highlighted in the trace.

The trace was captured using a customer’s production system and replayed on an OakGate appliance. Because Teledyne LeCroy uses a proprietary driver, which sits in user space and tunnels through directly to the hardware, we are able to faithfully reproduce the workload to the drive without operation system induced variation in the workflow.

Analyzing Real-World Data Center Production Workloads 

Analyzing Real-World Data Center Production Workloads

February 2020

This white paper describes the benefits of using real-world workloads and how real-world workloads can be analyzed for data center improvements.

  • Challenges in the Data Center
  • Real-World Workload Characteristics
  • Benefits of Utilizing Real-World Workloads
  • Use Case: High-Latency Bursts within a Hyperscale Data Center Workload

Qualifying SSDs for the Data Center White Paper 

Qualifying SSDs for the Data Center: Current and Future Trends

February 2019

This white paper addresses the need and issues of transitioning to SSDs in the data center, as well as the current and future trends of qualifying SSDs in the data center.

  • Benefits of Using SSDs for the Data Center
  • Issues when Transitioning to SSDs in the Data Center
  • Questions to Address when Qualifying SSDs
  • Current Trends:
    • Choosing the Right Test and Validation Tools
    • Testing and Validating Various SSDs Before They Are Purchased
    • Testing and Validating SSDs Before They Are Deployed to Production
  • Future Trends:
    • Workload Replay
    • Workload Analytics

File System / Block Exerciser 

File System / Block Exerciser

A scalable and easy-to-deploy storage performance, validation, analysis, and workload-modeling environment

July 2017

This white paper describes the features of OakGate’s file system / block exerciser and how customers can quickly and easily run pre-packaged storage workloads and view immediate results. Our exerciser helps customers avoid:

  • Being burdened with developing complex scripts or analyzing megabytes of cryptic results generated by free data validation tools.
  • Needing to create and maintain their own in-house validation tool, using valuable time, money, and engineering resources that could be more effectively applied for their company’s core product development.


Atomicity Definition and OakGate Implementation (as applied to testing of SSDs)

July 2013

This white paper defines atomicity as it pertains to testing of flash based storage devices, such as SSDs, and examines various scenarios and expected device behaviour under each scenario.