​​Enabling Analytics-Driven Evaluation of Workloads and Providing SSD Validation ​Solutions ​

We are the #1 Validation and Analytics Solution for SSDs

OakGate SSD Validation Solutions

Developer Using Enduro 

The OakGate Validation Platform provides a complete solution from software (application​s and SVF Pro) to hardware (such as, appliances, modules,​ and enclosures) to validate a va​riety of SSDs.

  • Applications: Enduro and Greenlight are user-interface applications that bring unprecedented control and efficiency to any development, validation, and manufacturing test plan.
  • SVF Pro: the Storage Validation Framework (SVF) Pro is the core, proprietary test and validation software which runs the applications and drives the OakGate appliance.
  • Hardware Products: high-performance desktop and rackmount appliances, plug-in modules, external enclosures, and Epic testers provide numerous platform testing conf​igurations.​

OakGate SSD Analytics Solutions

The Analytics application, part of OakGate's WorkloadIntelligence™ software suite, enables users to optimize their infrastructure and applications in high-performance, hyperscale environments through the analysis of imported workload traces (such as Linux block layer I/O traces). When operating the Analytics application, users can review and analyze I/O data and process identifiers (PIDs); evaluate advanced performance charts, which have detailed analytics and synchronization capabilities; and plot charts with an extensive selection of parameters for reads, writes, and trim I/Os. LEARN MORE

Developer Using Analytics 

SSD Solutions Scale Seamlessly

OakGate's feature-rich Enduro/SVF Pro software and hardware products are robustly tested together and scale effortlessly, giving you a common, reliable platform, whether you are validating a single device at your desk for development or a thousand in a production facility.

Likewise, OakGate's WorkloadIntelligence Analytics software is architected to scale with thousands of users and backend servers.

Scalability and Flexibility

SSD Solutions Built from Vast Expertise

OakGate was founded by seasoned industry veterans with a proven track record in developing key storage and server technologies. Over time, we've worked hand-in-hand with storage industry titans and newcomers alike to craft solutions that meets their stringent needs and excels in our overall mission of contributing to high-quality storage products.

SSD Solutions Proven by Top-Tier Storage Customers

OakGate’s customers include top-tier components suppliers, major flash controller chip suppliers, solid state drive and flash card manufacturers, hard disk drive vendors, storage system OEMs, and data center end-users. Here are just a few of our customers...