OakGate OCP Cloud SSD v1.0a Compliance Test Suite for Enterprise-level Storage Devices

The Teledyne LeCroy Open Compute Project (OCP) v1.0a Cloud SSD Compliance Test Suite meets the unique needs and feature set of Hyperscale Data Centers compliance testing and provides an unprecedented level of functionality, performance, and ease of use for testing enterprise storage devices.

Hyperscale data centers host servers and storage networks supporting large-scale cloud, server, and storage needs.  They serve a critical role in business and industry as they remain vigilant in cloud stability, security, up-time, and performance.  Hyperscale data centers maintain and manage large, enterprise-level, SSD systems and have specific needs managing SSDs at scale. Ensuring SSD compliance and functionality is key to optimize efficiency and reduce the risk of the interruption of data flow.   

The newly ratified OCP Cloud SSD specification was developed by industry leaders to address large hyper-scaling applications and align the with industry trends. Testing for compliance using the OCP Cloud SSD v1.0a Compliance Suite software is key to achieving these goals. This collaboration leads to improvements in workload throughput and reduced latency.

Teledyne LeCroy’s OCP v1.0a Compliance Suite can be licensed with OakGate SSD Test Solutions, used by the world's most prominent solid-state storage suppliers.  OCP Cloud Test Services are also offered through Teledyne LeCroy’s Austin Labs, the premier third-party test and validation center for storage devices, to help customers deliver fully tested products to market on time and within budget. Teledyne LeCroy’s Austin Labs is designed for highly accelerated testing, interoperability, and validation of enterprise products and solutions.


Key Features

  • 90+ Compliance Tests
  • Standalone Application
  • Custom Installer
  • Test category coverage:​​
    • PCIe
    • NVMe
    • Security
    • Power
    • Endurance
    • Thermal
    • SMBus
    • Reliability
    • Form Factor
    • Labeling
  • Based on NVMe Cloud SSD Specification v1.0a
  • Supported on PCIe Gen4 OakGate SSD Test Systems

Product Datasheet


OCP Compliance Software Suite – Perpetual Licenses

​Product Description​​​​​Product Number
OCP Cloud SSD v1.0A Base Compliance Test Software License (includes one License USB Dongle)OGT-OCP100-SW-BASE
OCP Cloud SSD Compliance Test Software Upgrade License to v2.0 (requires OGT-OCP100-BASE-SW)
(includes support for OCP v1.0A and v2.0, and future enhancements)

OCP Compliance Software Suite – Term Licenses

​Product Description​​​​​Product Number
OCP Cloud SSD Compliance Test Software Annual Term LicenseOGT-OCP200-SW-TERM-1YR
OCP Cloud SSD Compliance Test Software Annual Term License Additional 1 Year
(includes support for OCP v1.0A and v2.0, and future enhancements)

Compatible Gen4 SSD Test Appliances

​Product Description​​​​​Product Number
OakGate Gen4 DE200 Desktop ApplianceOGT-DE200-G4
OakGate Gen4 R300 Rackmount ApplianceAppliance OGT-R300-G4


Compatible Gen4 and Expansion Enclosures

​Product Description​​​​
OakGate modules and expansion enclosures supports ALL connector types and form factors for Gen4: U.2, M.2, U.3, E1.S (E1.L-ruler format-is supported in the Expansion Enclosures only)