OakGate SSD Test and Validation Software

Powering the OakGate SSD Test Appliances for High-Performance and Robust Testing of Flash Storage

OakGate SVF

The industry’s most advanc​ed​ storage-testing software, the Storage Validation Framework (SVF) engine and Enduro contro​ller application are the core integrated software applications that power the OakGate SSD Test appliances.​


​Key Features

 Complete Test Capabilities

  • Product validation​
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Protocol analysis
  • Power measurement and management
  • Peripheral management
  • Test automation
  • Test reporting
  • REST/Python APIs

Protocol Support

NVMe v1.2 through v2.0 Standard and MI Commands


Proven over time within many different environments by the leading storage manufacturers


Ability to scale multiple Enduro applications, appliances, and DUTs

Connector/Format Agnostic

Ability to test DUTs of different connector types and formats with optionally purchased Modules

Easy Integration

Easily integrated into existing development, test, and manufacturing environments through APIs and automation scripting capabilities

Memory Fencing

Ability to detect direct memory access (DMA) violations during test

Advanced Features

FDP, ZNS, TCG, OCP, SR-IOV, CMB, HMB and Persistent Memory

Test a Variety of Data Storage Devices

  • PCIe® SSD cards/NVMe add-in cards (AIC)
  • SSD drives (PCIe, SAS, and SATA)
  • HDDs (PCIe, SAS, and SATA)
  • Arrays (PCIe, SAS, and SATA)

The applications have been purposefully built from decades of industry storage experience, providing a high-performance, feature-rich foundation. The fifth-generation software has been hardened over several years in intense test environments at major storage customer sites worldwide.

Together, the software provides a comprehensive list of storage features and capabilities, reaching far beyond basic protocol verification to deliver an unparalleled testing experience.​


The Discovered Appliances tool includes controls to discover and start an appliance, as well as the ability to update the software and discovery agent, and share driver instances. It also provides a method for associating peripherals and controlling power for hot swapping.


The Configuration tool provides numerous settings to configure devices, as well as displays device under test (DUT) information at its various levels in the asset tree. Each level contains control (menu) options such as Initialize, Shutdown, Configure, Reset, and so on.


The Exerciser tool is used to uniquely configure and run I/O traffic and tests for a selected LUN/namespace. The exerciser includes numerous individual and global settings to configure and run I/O traffic and tests on a selected LUN/namespace.


The Automation tool runs an automation suite, which consists of one or more test sets. A test set can include multiple tests, actions, and loops. Each of the individual tests can run with configured Exerciser settings and/or run directed tests. The automation suite runs in a predetermined order without user intervention.


A Directed Test (DT) tool runs a specific sequence of commands sent to the target with the expectation that the target device returns a specific sequence of responses. Preloaded DTs are intended to complete without failure. DTs are used for basic test functionality, specific conformance tests, or when tests that are configured through the Exerciser or Automation cannot cover specific test points.​


The SNIA 2.0 tool provides a means to run Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) performance tests on an SSD, such as an IOPS Test and a Latency Test, as defined in the SNIA Solid State Storage (SSS) Performance Test Specification (PTS), Version 2.0.1 (SNIA SSS PTS v2.0.1). Its results (the generated reports) enable comparative testing and analysis among solid state storage devices.


The Analyzer tool is one of the key features of Enduro. It provides real-time protocol analysis for each LUN/namespace.


The Dashboard is available for monitoring and convenience purposes at the right-side of the interface. When a controller/initiator or LUN/namespace is selected in the asset tree, the Live Statistics Bar displays the live Read IOPS, Write IOPS, Read B/W, Write B/W, and CPU utilization (with controller/initiator selected) statistics.

​All Your SSD Test Tools Integrated with
One Powerful Win​dowing System

​​​The OakGate SSD Test Software is built on three core pillars.

  1. ​​Product Validation is designed to test functional integrity of the product and uncover bugs. The user can do so via complex traffic generation and error injection.

  2. ​​Protocol Conformance provides a large set of built-in tests that helps verify conformance with a specific protocol that the device supports. The user can add t​heir own unique tests as well.

  3. ​​Performance Benchmarking allows the use to measure the true performance of the device under various workloads and generate all kinds of graphs and histograms.

​ ​​​
​​​​​​​​ R300 Appliance 

Around these three core pillars, the​ software incorporates a number of advanced capabilities. We have a built-in command level analyzer that records each command and lets the user go back analyze what led to a specific error. Customers can perform power cycling and power measurements on an individual DU​T basis. For Reliability and Production, SVF controls these functions in chambers and testers offered by our partners.

Additionally, we have a number of ways our customers can their write their own scripts to exercise specific functionality. For example, customers can write Python test scripts and run those through our REST APIs.


SVF / Enduro Software Features


    Advanced F​eatures

    Support for Flexible Data Placement, Zoned Namespace, TCG, OCP 1.0a/2.0, SR-IOV, Controller Memory Buffer, Host Memory Buffer, and Persistent Memory.


    Enhanced Power​ Management 

    Support for full voltage margining (+/- 20%) and glitching.  High speed sampling (250 KHz) of voltage and current measurements with resolution of (+/- 5 milli-volts) and (+/- 50 micro-amps respectively. 


    Sideband Signals​

    Sideband control for REFCLK#, PERST#, PWRDIS#, DUALPRTEN#, WAKE#, SMBRST#, SUSCLK#, and Amber LED.

    Sideband monitor CLKREQ#

    Support for SRNS/SRIS Spectrum Clocking Modes


    Protocol Support

    Enjoy the satisfaction of having built-in support for the storage industry's most popular and emerging protocols.


    Traffic Generation

    Easily generate high-performance, randomized traffic profiles with I/O profiles. Includes support for zoned namespace.


    Protocol Analyzer

    Effectively debug and analyze from early prototype bring-up through long-term I/O testing using the embedded protocol analyzer.


    Protocol Conformance / Directed Tests

    Execute hundreds of built-in conformance tests that evaluate a device against its protocol, or create your own for maximum flexibility and control.


    Error Injection

    Error injection conditions to see how the DUT behaves in real-live situations.


    Peripheral Control & Power Management

    Test your product's true limits with our industry-leading multi-vendor support for peripheral control and power management.


    Point and Click Automation

    Create full automation suites without writing a single line of code using our integrated test automation tool.


    Performance Benchmarking

    Deliver consistent benchmarking results, measure the true performance of the device under test, and generate a suite of performance analytics.


    Data Validation

    Build confidence that your device behaves as intended and unconditionally keeps data in tact, even under the most stressful power-loss situations.


    Customization through APIs and SDKs

    Integrate OakGate into your existing automation framework by utilizing our RESTful web services, command line interface (CLI)  or C-based API.